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Keiley O’Brien, the 2018 Narromine Showgirl, brings a lot of experience to the table as a Grains Young Farming Champion. She’s lived in Western NSW her whole life and has loved agriculture since high school. This episode, Keiley joins Behind the Sash to share her background and love for the country, demonstrating that the perfect Showgirl is who you are and not a stereotype.


Behind the Sash is a fortnightly podcast that celebrates and shares the voices of Showgirls around New South Wales. Not every Showgirl will reach the state final, but every Showgirl is a local hero with a story to tell.

The podcast was inspired by a Showgirl who felt that she “wasn’t smart enough”. The reality is that there’s only three things that make a Showgirl: passion for their community, passion for rural NSW and being a genuinely nice person.

"The reality is there are only three things that define a Showgirl: Passion for their community, Passion for their Show and being a genuinely nice person"
Elyse Hudson
Behind the Sash Host