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Elyse Hudson – 2015 & 2017 Newcastle Showgirl, 2019 Lithgow Showgirl Part 2

In the series finale, Maisie Morrow, the 2017 The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl guest hosts to bring Part 2 of Elyse Hudson, the 2015 & 2017 Newcastle and 2018 Lithgow Showgirl. In this episode, Elyse shares some of her involvement in the Show movement as well as reflecting on her experiences with the Showgirl competition. […]

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Elyse Hudson – 2015 & 2017 Newcastle Showgirl, 2019 Lithgow Showgirl Part 1

In Behind the Sash’s penultimate episode, the tables have been turned. Guest Hosted by 2017 The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Maisie Morrow, Elyse is on the other side of the microphone. In Part 1, Elyse discusses a bit about who she is and reflects on how Behind the Sash and her Showgirl journey have impacted […]

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Sarah Cudmore – 2018 Griffith Showgirl Part 2

Beyond being a Showgirl, Sarah Cudmore has studied an interesting array of areas, including Mandarin and International Studies. In part 2 of her interview with Elyse, Sarah shares what her career has been and where she sees it going, as well as the diverse hobbies she maintains in her spare time. Play in new […]

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Sarah Cudmore – 2018 Griffith Showgirl Part 1

Vice President of Griffith Show Society and Sydney Royal Showgirl finalist in 2019, Sarah Cudmore is a busy woman who does a lot in her community. She is incredibly passionate about Griffith and the Showgirl movement and her journey has been full of interesting moments and experiences. She joins Elyse in a two part episode […]

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Victoria Lee – 2019 Armidale Showgirl, 2016 Taree Showgirl

Victoria has grown up in the Show movement. With her aunt as a Nabiac Showgirl, it is unsurprising she found herself in the competition – winning the 2016 Taree competition. Now, three years later, with her deepening involvement in Limousin cattle and a university degree under her belt, Victoria represents Armidale as their 2019 Showgirl. […]

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Bronte Gavey – 2018/2019 Oberon Showgirl

Bronte Gavey comes from a chilly part of NSW, the timber town of Oberon. Her family moved out there to run a small piggery and she’s proud to represent her community as their Showgirl. Bronte joins Behind the Sash to talk about her town, her ongoing journey as their Showgirl and her many endeavours to […]

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Nicole Sandrone – 2019 Camden Showgirl

With another The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl final over, Behind the Sash is back with one of the state finalists – Nicole Sandrone from Camden. Camden has a strong history in the competition and Nicole is no exception. Balancing country lifestyle with a city career, Nicole is passionate about building bridges between the community. She […]

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Chloe Bishop – 2019 Nowra Showgirl

In the lead up to the Zone 2 Final, Chloe Bishop joined Elyse on Behind the Sash. Her community involvement has taken her around the world whilst locally her Showgirl journey has given her the confidence to achieve at University and contribute more. She shares her Showgirl journey and her experiences prior to attending the […]

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Hayley Johns – 2018 Gloucester Showgirl

Hayley Johns is a busy woman. When she’s not studying at University, she’s working on her Duke of Edinburgh, sailing on the Young Endeavour or sitting on the Lake Macquarie Youth Advisory Council. She joins Elyse on Behind the Sash in the lead up to the Zone 1 Showgirl final to share her love of […]

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Bec George – 2018 Nyngan Showgirl

Last week, Bec George represented her town of Nyngan at the Zone 6 Final of The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition. Before that, she had joined Elyse to share her experiences as a Showgirl. Bec not only discusses what makes her town great and her Showgirl journey, but also delves into the drought and its […]

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